Communication system connection.

Plugin for your platform

Each CloudCTI client has its own connection to the communication system via interface specific CTI Plugins. Below is list of supported interfaces and associated vendors.

  • CTI Plugin TAPI

    The Telephony Application Programmer Interface (TAPI) is a Microsoft Windows API widely supported by many vendors. This CTI Plugin requires platform specific software to be installed, i.e. the Telephony Service Provider (TSP). This software is normally made available via the vendor’s website.

  • CTI Plugin KPN ÉÉN, RoutIT (Broadsoft XSI)

    The Broadsoft Xtended Services Interface (XSI) enables application to integrate with the Broadsoft UC-One communications service. It is a propriety interface. This CTI Plugin only requires the user’s credentials to be able to connect.

    Download PDF: How to configure the plugin

  • CTI Plugin Microsoft Lync

    This CTI Plugin connects to the COM interface of the Lync client if available. The plugin requires zero-configuration and notifies the CloudCTI Client on incoming calls immediately.
    More info

  • CTI Plugin Android

    CloudCTI Android App is available in the Google Play Store. On first use, the app asks for user credentials. On incoming calls the app notifies the CloudCTI Android Plugin Service, which in turn notifies the CTI Plugin Android. In effect, the CloudCTI client shows the caller info when the Android device is called. In addition, the CloudCTI client can initiate calls from the Android device right from your workstation.
    More info

Manufacturer Type Plugin
Aastra 400 TAPI
Aastra 800 TAPI
Aastra A5000 TAPI
Alcatel OmnicPCX Office (OXO) TAPI
Alcatel OmnicPCX Enterprise OXE TAPI
Allworx 6x, 6x12, 10x, 24x, and 48x TAPI
AltiGen AltiGen TAPI
Asterisk Asterisk TAPI (Xtelsio)
Avaya IP Office TAPI
Broadsoft Broadworks Broadsoft
Broadsoft M6 TAPI
Cisco UCM Call Manager TAPI
DeTeWe OpenCom 100, 1000 TAPI
E-MetroTel UCx50, UCx450, UCx1000 TAPI
Elmeg Elmeg TAPI
Google Android mobile Android with CloudCTI App
Innovaphone Innovaphone TAPI
KPN Vox Novo Office, Enterprise TAPI
LG-Ericsson iPECS, ipLDK TAPI
Matra M6500 TAPI
Mitel 3300 Mitel
Microsoft Lync Lync Client .NET API Lync
NEC-Philips iS3000, Aspire (aka IPC500), XN120 (aka IPC100), SV8100 TAPI
Nitsuko DXE600 TAPI
Nortel Norstar TAPI
RoutIT RoutIT Broadsoft XSI
Samsung OfficeServ 100, 500 TAPI
Sipleo Sipleo TAPI
ShoreTel ShoreTel TAPI
SpliceCom Maximizer TAPI
Tadiran IS2000 TAPI
Talkswitch IS2000 TAPI
Tekelec M6 TAPI
Teltronics Cerato IP TAPI
Way2Call Hi-Phone Desktop Lite TAPI
Way2Call Hi-Phone Desktop Pro TAPI
Way2Call Way2Call Maestro TAPI
Wildix All Wildix WMS UC Series > rel. 2.0 TAPI
Zultys MX TAPI
ZyXEL X6004/X2002 TAPI