Frequently asked questions.

Brief answers to common questions

  • Question: Can I extend the display time of the balloon?

    Answer: Yes, you can. It is a system setting though and every balloon notification will be shown longer. You can change the setting ‘How long should Windows notification dialog boxes stay open?’ under ‘Control Panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center > Make it easier to focus on tasks’.

  • Question: Can I review the last caller?

    Answer: Yes, you can recall the last caller by clicking on the CloudCTI Client tray icon. This wil show the balloon notification again. Please note that if the balloon is already showing, the tray icon will trigger the application popup if present.

  • Question: The notification balloon doesn't show when placing an outbound call.

    Answer: Correct. The notification balloon will only show for an incoming call.

  • Question: What happens if a calling number matches multiple contacts?

    Answer: You can see all matching contacts. The balloon will show an extra line informing you that the next matching contact will be shown if you right-click the balloon.

  • Question: Does CloudCTI recognize telephone numbers on websites and allow the "Click to Dial" feature?

    Answer: If phone numbers on the page are written as tel: or callto: hyperlinks, these are recognized by browsers as phone URI schemes. CloudCTI automatically installs handlers for all these different schemes (and more). Some browsers, like for example Microsoft Edge, will automatically detect phone numbers en turn them into a tel: URI. In these cases the phone numbers are immediately clickable. In all other cases, users can simply highlight the number and press a hotkey (PAUSE by default).
    CloudCTI does not install plugins for browsers to analyze the content and make all numbers clickable.