About us

We are a small software company based in the Netherlands. The mission of CloudCTI is to create software that connects any communication device with any contact database. To this end, we have developed a set of techniques that can interface with any Customer Relationship Management application. This makes our services low cost and universally priced. For the other side of the connection we offer a broad portfolio of supported communication systems of all types including on premise PBX’s, managed PBX’s and cloud services such as Lync Online.

The year is 2014 and the majority of business professionals working with a desktop phone and computer still have to punch in the phone numbers manually when making a phone call. This breaks the focus on the actual task and is prone to error every now and then. On an incoming call, it is necessary to ask for a customer ID, date of birth etc. to look up the contact info. Nobody does this in his or her private life. Why is it still common in a professional environment? We want to change this for everyone. That is who we are.

About our software

Connecting any customer database system to any communication system requires complex, flexible and adaptive software with lots of settings, tweaks and specifics. We refuse to subscribe to the notion that this should mean to entail software that has to be specific, custom made, individually priced and complex to use. We demonstrate that it is possible to create powerful, easy to use software that still manages to achieve our mission. The software intelligently detects most settings or helps you determine which is best applicable in your situation. For instance, if our CTI Wizard lists your CRM application most of the configuration is preset. Consequently, your local system administrator can simply configure our software without the need for a special PBX or CRM training. It does not require feasibility studies, design plans or costly consultants. You can have our software up and running in no time. You can try it for free. You can try it today.

About our cloud service

In order to make our software easy to use for a large group of people we host the contact name and number info for you. This way, you do not have to setup a server, nor a database and you do not have to keep it all safe and up-to-date. We will never share your contact info with anyone. Our servers are hosted under the strongest safety measures at Microsoft Azure datacenters at European locations. The data of European companies at these locations are not subject to the Patriot Act.